“Ice talks, talks a lot. We have seen that at Ice Stupas. if you stand instead an ice stupa, during the day  sound is there, becoming a crack. You can hear it. You can hear when you are walking on ice. During the night when it is melting, the water is sprinling up and falling and instantly becoming ice right there - you can hear it.” — Nishant Tikun

DISAPPEARING GLACIERS / Climate Refugees, Kulum Village
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Kulum village abandoned due to water scarcity from glacial recession. One of 49 villages identified as facing extreme water shortages in Ladakh.

Interview with Nishant Tikun, Coordinator of the Ice Stupa project at the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, 6 October 2021, Leh, Ladakh

Images of Ice Stupas by Nishant Tikun & Sonam Dorjey (see article in RESOURCES below)
In this clip from Waleem Abbas’s film “Glacier Marriage” shot in Miachar, Nagar (Gilgit-Baltisan) Pakistan, scientist Dr. Sajjad Ali discusses the role of sound waves in the traditional  practice of grafting glaciers to grow ice and replenish local water supplies.